Full membership to the BCOAA is open to anyone that currently owns a Brock built vehicle when Peter Brock was at the helm of HDT Special Vehicles.                 

Typically, this relates to cars issued with a Build number up to and including #4246, built between 1980 - 1988.

All new applications must provide evidence of the vehicles authenticity (ie copy of HDT build paperwork) along with the application.

All incomplete applications will be returned so please enter all vehicle details completely and accurately.

If satisfactory proof of authenticity is not received forms will be returned and membership not accepted. All information on the form is confidential.

Members/new members must abide/agree to the BCOAA Code of Conduct.


For your annual $95.00 Membership fee you receive:

* Membership of the best Brock Car Club in Australia!
* Six issues of the Club Magazine, arguably one of the best club publications in the country.

* Access to Member-only BCOAA Inc. Apparel and Merchandise
* 12 emailed issues of the monthly newsletter, the Brock Bulletin.
* Your annual membership card.
* Access to Club-run events and meetings throughout the year across Australia.
* Access to club/historic registration for Members in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Anyone that owns a Brock vehicle and is considering becoming a member is encouraged to attend one of our club meetings                                        

or participate in an event or two to get a "feel" for the club and see if it's a club for you.

Should you have any further questions regarding membership, please contact membership officer

Tania Judd via email at membership@bcoaa.com .

You will need Adobe reader to download Membership Forms. Click here to go the Adobe site

The tragic loss of Peter Brock on September 8th 2006 left a void within our membership group that will

never be filled.

New Membership PDF form 
BCOAA Code of Conduct




The Brock Commodore Owners Association Of Australia Inc continues to grow and we encourage owners

of these exceptional cars to join us and share the legacy that Peter has left behind.