The BCOAA Inc proudly produces one of the best magazine's of any HDT club in Australia, a fact we are very proud of!

It has evolved from the "Brock Sport" of the mid 90's, chock o Brock full of content.....


into what it is today, a magazine produced in full colour continuing the tradition as a focal point for Club news, events and information.


The magazine is what it is because of the input from our members, so all of our members should be proud of THEIR magazine.

We actively encourage our members to send in articles of interest to our editor at for inclusion in every magazine.

To ensure that we receive the highest quality files for the magazine members are encouraged to send in their photos via Dropbox.

You simply add the items to the folder, once it has finished uploading all you need to do is share it with the editor at

Three simple steps - add, upload, share!

The BCOAA Inc magazine in 2017 is planned to be mailed out mid-month, to all financial members in February, May, July, September & December.

There will also be a special edition "Brocktober" magazine mailed out in mid-November.

Deadline's for all articles and advertisements in 2017 will be;

Magazine Deadline
February Monday 30th January
May Monday 24th April
July Monday 26th June
September Monday 28th August
Brocktober Monday 30th October
December Monday 20th November

The editorial deadline for each edition will be on the website home page as a reminder.

The only way to get your copy is by meeting the criteria, visiting our JOIN page and becoming a member!

If you would like to advertise in our magazine please make contact with our Editor, Scott, for an advertising quotation.