Vic Roads has approved the BCOAA to be able to have eligible cars on the club permit scheme.


Vicroads have made changes to the scheme and there are things both the club and members using the CPS must do.

The only change for the members of the BCOAA is that they must have 6 dated photos of their car on file with the committee that can be viewed by Vicroads on request.

You can not simply post in some photos to the committee, a member of the committee will need to take the photos.

You can have your car photographed by Gary Bundy or Kaye O Hara at any event or club meeting, if they are not in attendance another committee member will help out.

Please do not let this slide as no CPS renewal form will be signed until the photographs have been taken.

Photos to be taken are front, back, both sides, engine bay and interior, at this stage we believe this will only need to be done once and not annually.

For further information you may like to have a look at the link below.

To apply:

1. You will need to do the above (6 dated photo's taken/recorded)

2. You will then need to contact our Secretary and seek a letter confirming that you are are a current financial member

along with your vehicle VIN Number & Engine Number.

3. You will need a current Road Worthy Certificate (RWC).

4. Complete  Club Permit Application Form (attached link below)

5. Supply all forms above to Vic Roads

Full details, regulations etc can be found at

Club Permit Application PDF


BCOAA Club Permit Home